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Don Carlos Edicion de Aniversario

Posted: 10th December 2010 by Shawn in Arturo Fuente, Cuban Cigars

Don Carlos Edicion de Aniversario Cigars (Don Carlos 30th Anniversary or DC 30th) Double Robusto 5 ¾ x 52 This is a rather rare cigar made by Carlos Fuente Jr. in order to pay tribute to both his father and the 30th anniversary of Don Carlos Cigars. Originally the DC 30ths were unveiled at a […]

Carlito 2006 God of Fire Double Robusto 5.7X 52 Given the price point of this cigar, I am not overly impressed with its appearance at first glance. A golden brown wrapper adorns what is supposed be a crowning achievement of the A.F line, but instead of a flawless wrapper, fluid seems and a perfectly applied […]

Normally, before writing up a review of a cigar, I like to give a little bit of background information as an interest piece for the reader; unfortunately, this information on this particular vitola appears to be even more elusive than obtaining one itself. However, I was able to find out that in 2001, 100 “packages” […]

For cigar enthusiasts, there are truly few better things in life than sitting down on the beach under the setting with their favorite libation in hand and a good smoke to put fire to, all the while just taking in the view – or perhaps thats just my relaxation fantasy, you can insert your own […]

It’s father’s day again and my family has been invited over to the neighbours for a dip; upon learning this, my first thoughts were: is there really a better way to spend an afternoon with the family than sitting pool- side with a drink and a good cigar? I quickly decided that there wasn’t, grabbed […]

Hot sun, good music and an Opus, can a Thursday afternoon get any better? Well if this legendary Dominican Puro lives up to its reputation, it just might. The Arturo Fuente Opus X Reserva d’Chateau, the name of the vitola alone sounds classy, never mind the look of the actual cigar. Built for elegance, this7x48 […]

Anejo #77 Shark

Posted: 25th May 2010 by Shawn in Arturo Fuente, Non Cuban Cigars

Tonight is a night of firsts for me; sitting under a clear night skiy at the tail end of a long weekend, I am about to partake in my first review completed in its entirety without the aid of sunlight. Additionally , I am also about to partake in my first Anejo #77 Shark. Amid […]