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Padron 44th Maduro 6 ¼ x 52 The Padron family reserve is a staple of Padron line and stands out in my mind as some of the best cigars around in the super premium/ultra super premium arena. I’ve not yet had a chance to smoke the 44th maduro myself, but I’ve talked to very few […]

As some of you may know, I recently posted a review of Cigar Aficionados cigar of the year – the Padron Family Reserve 1964 45th Anniversary Maduro. I was so pleased with this cigar that I proclaimed it was the best cigar I had ever smoked, but, after putting up the review I was approached […]

Padron Family Reserve 1964 45th Anniversary Maduro Amidst showing my visiting company and continuing renovations on the house, I haven’t been left with much time to sit out on the deck to put fire to a cigar or write a review as of late. Today I decided I’ve had enough and after returning from a […]

Padron No. 6 Maduro

Posted: 13th April 2010 by Shawn in Non Cuban Cigars, Padron

It’s another beautiful day here in Southern Ontario. Unfortunately I dont have a lot of time between now and work later, so I’m settling on a smaller smoke today, a Padron 1926 no. 6 Maduro. At only 4.75×50, this Nicaraguan puro is slightly smaller than your general run of the mill robusto; nevertheless, it impreses […]

Padron 7000 Maduro

Posted: 11th April 2010 by Shawn in Non Cuban Cigars, Padron

Having tried my hand at my first review a couple of days ago with a good ol’ John Alden. Things seem to have gone well and now I’m itching to do another. It’s the first decent day of warm weather here in about a week and it looks as though I’ll have some time to […]