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Illusion Cg4

Posted: 30th May 2010 by Shawn in Illusione, Non Cuban Cigars

Here I am in the garage with a lager in hand ready to review a Illusione at the request of a friend when I get the bright idea to be “traditional” and remove the cap of my cigar with my teeth, low and be hold I took off all three parts, but on positive side […]

Anejo #77 Shark

Posted: 25th May 2010 by Shawn in Arturo Fuente, Non Cuban Cigars

Tonight is a night of firsts for me; sitting under a clear night skiy at the tail end of a long weekend, I am about to partake in my first review completed in its entirety without the aid of sunlight. Additionally , I am also about to partake in my first Anejo #77 Shark. Amid […]

Tatuaje T110

Posted: 19th May 2010 by Shawn in Non Cuban Cigars, Tatuaje

Unfortunately, due to long days and early nights during the course of my vacation, I was unable to finish even half of the reviews I would of liked to while away. None the less, people voiced their opinions on what they wanted to see, and as such, I intend to finish the bulk of the […]

Liga Privada T52

Posted: 10th May 2010 by Shawn in Liga Privada, Non Cuban Cigars

After 8 months of waiting, with an additional three hours to bored the plane, six and a half hours in the air, two hours waiting for luggage and car rental, plus an additional 5 hour drive from Las Vegas to Bishop, I finally made it to the land of misty mountain tops, climbing, and California […]

Cohiba Robusto

Posted: 6th May 2010 by Shawn in Cohiba, Cuban Cigars

Cohiba Robusto 4.9 x 50 The weather is grim and from my perch in the garage I can feel the warm muggy air roll through the open door. The sky has opened up, blanketing the ground with light rain, claps of thunder can be heard in the distance, an ominous sign of things to come. […]

As some of you may know, I recently posted a review of Cigar Aficionados cigar of the year – the Padron Family Reserve 1964 45th Anniversary Maduro. I was so pleased with this cigar that I proclaimed it was the best cigar I had ever smoked, but, after putting up the review I was approached […]