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Partagas Serie D No. 4

Posted: 21st July 2010 by Shawn in Cuban Cigars, Partagas

So after a long morning dealing with temperamental lawn equipment and an octogenarian that has a few too many house cats, I was happy to make it back to the beach to find a cool breeze, plenty of sun and enough eye candy to make Hefner jealous. In order to make the abrupt transition from […]

For cigar enthusiasts, there are truly few better things in life than sitting down on the beach under the setting with their favorite libation in hand and a good smoke to put fire to, all the while just taking in the view – or perhaps thats just my relaxation fantasy, you can insert your own […]

I did a terrible thing, I let work get ahead of my beloved hobby. It’s been too long, too few cigars smoked and too many people who have come forward to express how they miss the reviews. How to properly atone for a lengthy hiatus? By giving those who asked what they deserve, a fine […]