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Trinidad Coloniales

Posted: 28th November 2010 by Shawn in Cuban Cigars, Trinidad

Trinidad Coloniales 44 x 5.1” Well its a cold day here in Canada and I don’t have a lot of time on my plate, but at the very least I figured if I was going to smoke a cigar, I could do a quick review. I’ve had mixed feelings about Petite Coronas for a while […]

Illusione Holy Lance Maduro

Posted: 26th November 2010 by Shawn in Illusione, Non Cuban Cigars

Illusione Holy Lance Maduro 7.5 x 40 Some of you may now that I am a sucker for a lance, so after receiving this as an “extra” from a friend in a recent split, it was clear that this go up in smoke. For those of you who don’t know, the Holy Lance Maduro was […]

Ramon Allones Canadian Regional Edition

Posted: 23rd November 2010 by Shawn in Cuban Cigars, Ramon Allones

Ramon Allones Canadian Regional Edition Petit Unicos 5×50 EDIT: Due to this cigars poor construction issues, I will be revisiting this at a later date Upon being given the chance to split on a box of these with a friend, I became rather excited as I’d never had a Ramon Allones before, never mind one […]

Hoyo De Monterrey Epicure No. 2

Posted: 22nd November 2010 by Shawn in Cuban Cigars, Hoyo De Monterrey

Hoyo De Monterrey Epicure No. 2 – 4.8×50 When I think of elegance and cigars, Robustos generally aren’t the first vitola that come to mind, this one however has something unique. To begin with, the wrapper is an attractive rich reddish-brown hue that’s just left my mouth-watering, I’m thinking perhaps this is because the colouring […]

Tatuaje Black Robusto

Posted: 18th November 2010 by Shawn in Non Cuban Cigars, Tatuaje

Tatuaje Black Robusto 5×50 Modelled on a custom rolled Cuban cigar, the original inception of the Tatuaje Black line was as Pete Johnson’s private label, but in 2007 is was released in ceramic jars of 19 to specific retailers until shady activity was carried out by the relaters ceasing the sale of these hard to […]

NHC Seleccion Limitada Reserva

Posted: 17th November 2010 by Shawn in Non Cuban Cigars, Tatuaje

NHC Seleccion Limitada Reserva 6 ¾ x 42 A collaboration between Pete Johnson of Tatuaje cigars and Dan Walsh of New Havana Cigars (NHC) to produce a “house blend” Nicaraguan Puro that offered both Nicaraguan Habano (Natural) and a Nicaraguan Broadleaf (Reserva) wrappers. Above all else, the thing I find most intriguing about these cigars […]

Tatuaje Verocu No. 1 Exclusivo Lado Occidental (West Side) 6 ¼ x 52 In light of being a Tat whore recently, I’ve decided to continue the trend! Like its sister stick, the Zona del Este (which I reviewed here [url][/url]) It was based on the same Tatuaje Havana VI but also used Ligero in the […]

Tatuaje Drac

Posted: 12th November 2010 by Shawn in Non Cuban Cigars, Tatuaje

To many people, there is no better feeling than the liberation of a day or two off at weeks end. The  majority of us toil away long days throughout the work week spending valuable time wishing we were doing something other than picking away at the grind bit by bit, but when the weekend finally […]

Carlito 2006 God of Fire Double Robusto 5.7X 52 Given the price point of this cigar, I am not overly impressed with its appearance at first glance. A golden brown wrapper adorns what is supposed be a crowning achievement of the A.F line, but instead of a flawless wrapper, fluid seems and a perfectly applied […]

Tatuaje Pork Tenderloin

Posted: 8th November 2010 by Shawn in Non Cuban Cigars, Tatuaje

Delivered unassumingly in cellophane, without a band and nothing to distinguish it other than its rich dark wrapper and the small pigtail that adorns its triple cap, the Tatuaje Pork tenderloin is almost a cigar without the needs of introduction. The latest in Pete Johnson’s meat locker series, this is a robustoesque cigar measuring in […]